Lilly Avalon Monthly Writing Update #5 for September 2020

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Every month I share an update about what I'm writing in my Monthly Writing Update!
Here's the latest for the month of September.

If you look at my August update, my main goals for this month were to write 10,000 words in 30 days (or about 333 words a day) and to continue to prepare for two new releases.

Have I accomplished this?

My new releases went very well and I'm super happy that I was finally able to share these books in the Risqué series with you all. If you missed getting your copies, you can go here to get them.

As for the writing...

Well... I tried.

Early on in the month, I was doing okay. In fact, I managed to get 5000 words written total in the new story. Then I hit a snag... at the same scene yet again. You see, this story was one I tried to write before. However, this time I changed around circumstances to make the plot make sense. Which was good, but the scene is just so DULL. It made me think that maybe I need to step away from it and reconsider this as my next project or find a way to flesh out the details so that the characters aren't so flat and the dialogue isn't so boring.

Then near the end of the month, I got sick. This definitely didn't make progress on writing easier. I'm currently on the mend and it likely was a head cold or something else that isn't COVID.

Am I on track?

I'm getting back on track again. Even though I didn't meet my goal of 10k words on this new story, I figured out early on that this story wasn't quite ready yet. And that's a good thing! Sometimes it's better to set a project aside instead of pushing through it and being dissatisfied with the end result.

Instead, I've been going through all my story ideas. The ones I've outlined, the ones I wrote scenes for, the ones that are just general ideas with and without a plot, etc. I have a bunch of them started in my Google Docs, but they were so jumbled I couldn't remember what I wrote for what. So I went through each of them one by one, reading over my notes. Then I added to the titles whether they were outlined, if they were short stories, novellas, or novels, or if they have been started. That way I can tell at a glance what's what in my folder.

September ended up being more of a regroup and rest type of month. It's the last month of the third quarter and I accomplished a lot more than I thought I would. So, I'm excited to plan ahead for the rest of 2020!

Goals for October

Figure out what's next! There's a possibility the story I started might be next if I can work out the details, but I may set it aside for now. I have SO MANY ideas that I'm sure I can find one to write.

Once I decide, then I can outline and make notes on important details of characters. I may start writing the story in October, but I think I'll try to get the bulk of the story written in November during NaNoWriMo. I don't think I can handle a 50,000-word month in November, but I'm going to aim for half that at least. I wrote 20k last year during NaNo, so 25k shouldn't be too much of a stretch if I outline right! And even if I can't reach that goal, any writing would be a good thing.

In the meantime, please stay safe out there! Take care and I love you all!

Release Day for Seducing the Star (The Risqué Series #3)

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It's release day for Seducing the Star!

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Margaret Bloom doesn’t know why she’s at this party.

Recently dumped by her serious boyfriend, she would much rather be ringing in the new year at home in her pajamas. If she were cozy and warm on her couch, she wouldn’t have to worry about the dreaded midnight kiss. She has to figure out what to do and time is running out.

Enter Phoenix Westbrook.

He’s sexy, he’s nice… and he’s a porn star? This information may have initially come as a shock, but just makes the idea of kissing him all the more tempting. They make a pact to share a kiss at midnight, with no strings attached.

They didn’t count on the kiss leading them to other things.

Excerpt from Seducing the Star:

What I need to do is come right out and tell him what I’m thinking, even if the answer is no. “I was wondering...”

“Would you be my midnight kiss?”

My jaw drops. Did he ask me what I was about to ask him? “Do you read minds?”

“No, why?”

“Because I was about to ask you the same thing.” I bite my lip to stifle a laugh.

He chuckles. “Great minds think alike.”

“I suppose they do.” I let out a long breath. “Okay, I guess it’s settled then.”


“Just a kiss, though. That’s it.”

“Of course, Maggie.” He stands up and holds out a hand. “Shall we go back inside?”

I nod, accepting his hand and finding myself face to face with Phoenix. Even with my stiletto heels, I’m still shorter than him. While our faces aren’t aligned perfectly, all it would take is a tilt of mine and his for our lips to meet. It’s not even midnight and yet I’m glancing over the curve of his mouth, wondering what a kiss from him would be like. His hand comes up, stroking my cheek gently, and then he tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.

Oh my…

There’s a desire building between us, a pull I can't explain. I don’t think either of us has the patience to wait to act on that impulse. I can’t have us giving in to a kiss until the top of the hour, so I tell him, “I’m going to find my friends quick, and then I’ll return to you before the countdown.”

Smiling, he says, “Sounds good to me.” He takes my hand and presses a quick kiss to it. “See you at midnight, Maggie. I’ll see you at the bar, where we first met.”

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Release Day for Enticing the Escort (The Risqué Series #2) + Giveaway

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It's release day for Enticing the Escort!

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Goldie Rivers needs a date… and fast.

She isn’t showing up to another wedding by herself. She can't face the incessant questions about why she’s still single, not to mention the men who won’t leave her alone when they find that out. What’s a girl to do?

Hire an escort, of course.

Gavin Pruitt is sexy, confident, and definitely not coming home with her tonight. He’s only there to keep the questions and other men at bay. Yet when his company proves far more tempting than she could have predicted, things heat up.

Will Goldie be able to fight it, or will she give in?

Excerpt from Enticing the Escort:

I swing the door open and lay my eyes on this man for the first time.

Holy mother of hotness, Batman.

The most handsome of handsome men is standing at my door. His caramel-brown hair is moussed back, and he has the most gorgeous azure eyes I’ve ever seen. And his suit… charcoal, with a white dress shirt and a matching textured tie.

“Hello?” he asks, his voice deep and sultry.

That’s when I realize I’ve been gawking at him for well over an acceptable amount of time. “Oh, sorry,” I say quickly as I hold out a hand. “My name is Goldie. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Gavin Pruitt.” He returns the gesture, his warm palm holding mine for much longer than it should. “The pleasure is mine.”

I need to learn how to breathe properly again, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. “Do come in, and please don’t mind... this.” I gesture to my lack of being ready, although I hope seeing me in a tank top and leggings would’ve been enough of a hint. “Give me a few minutes to finish up and we can head out. Make yourself at home.”

Running off before I make a complete fool of myself, I lock myself in the bathroom. After placing both hands on the sink, I take in a few deep breaths. “You can do this,” I mutter to myself. “So what if he’s hot. You’ll just make your friends jealous.”

I’m about to put on my dress when I realize I still have one last curler remaining in my hair.

Triple shit.

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Release Day for Desiring the Dancer (The Risqué Series #1) + Giveaway!

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It's release day for Desiring the Dancer!

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Carlie Coleman is not looking forward to her stepsister’s bachelorette party.

It was supposed to be a simple affair with a small group of Valerie’s closest friends at their parents’ beach house. Instead, the guests have tripled, there’s a fancy caterer, and at some point there will be strippers.

It’s going to be a disaster… until she meets the cute waiter.

Aiden Carter is sweet and she’s smitten. They can’t stop staring at each other from across the room. Their mutual attraction is undeniable. Before the night is over, she discovers something else.

The cute waiter is also the entertainment.

Excerpt from Desiring the Dancer:

I carefully walk around everyone as I pass through the kitchen, making sure I won’t bump into anyone. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for creating a mess. Valerie would likely hold it against me for years.

Unfortunately, my caution doesn’t extend to the hallway, as I nearly run into one of the waiters on his way to where I just left.

“Whoa!” He lifts the tray up out of the way, somehow keeping every glass on it level enough not to spill as I sidestep him.

Holding my chest, I say, “I am so sorry, sir. I should’ve been paying attention to where I was going.”

When I look up at him, I find myself staring into the brownish-green eyes of a tall, handsome man with short dark brown hair. My jaw drops, but I force myself to close it before he notices. When he smirks, I have a feeling that he did.

Well, damn.

“It’s okay,” he replies, voice smooth as silk. “Hazards of the job. I’ve learned how to handle it.”

“Clearly quite well,” I say, gesturing to his tray. “How did you do that?”

Lots of practice.”

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Preorder Book #3 Seducing the Star (only $0.99!): 
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To celebrate the Risqué series, I'm giving away a $15 gift card to one lucky winner. Open internationally, and open until September 30th at midnight. Winner to be contacted by email.

Lilly Avalon Monthly Writing Update #4 for August 2020

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Every month I share an update about what I'm writing in my Monthly Writing Update!
Here's the latest for the month of August.

If you look at my July update, my main goals were to finish preparations for my upcoming releases in The Risqué Series, to write a Christmas novella, and to outline a new series.

Have I accomplished this?

As far as preparations for my upcoming releases, yes, I definitely accomplished this. I put together all my posts and sent out emails to everyone who is sharing.

When it comes to writing a novella or outlining a series, not so much. The thing is, I wasn't feeling the novella. I tried to start writing it, but it just wasn't flowing so I set it aside for the time being. The new series I'm still dabbling in, but haven't really put much effort into other than outlining a prequel.

Instead, I started writing something different. It's a story idea I had ages ago that I brought back recently when I was debating on what to write next. I had typed up a sort of outline in June/July, but figured I'd actually write it after the Christmas novella. Turns out, the inspiration for this new story is much stronger. One night when I couldn't fall asleep, I pulled up the doc on my phone and typed up 180 words for the first chapter. It just... happened. Since then, I've managed to write over 2000 more in it and it's on track to be likely my next release if all continues to go well.

Am I on track?

For my new releases, definitely. I have some last-minute things that still need to be done like scheduling newsletters, but for the most part, everything is on track.

Even though I didn't get to the projects I originally planned on doing, I still made progress on a new project which seems to be working out much better. So I traded one plan for another that shows more promise.

Goals for September

Well, September holds two more releases for me, which is exciting and nerve-wracking. I'm ready for it, though. A large portion of what needs to be done is done, and everything else is manageable.

I also hope to get more accomplished with writing this new project. I don't know how much of it I'll be able to do given the fact that I have two releases, but I'm going to get as much writing in as possible. I have a low goal in mind for September (333 words a day/10k in 30 days), but I feel if I put forth the effort I can handle it. I'm hoping to participate in several writing sprints because those generally give me the motivation I need to accomplish my word count goals.

Other than that... Stay safe, wear a mask, and take care!