Lilly Avalon Monthly Writing Update #4 for August 2020

Friday, August 28, 2020

Every month I share an update about what I'm writing in my Monthly Writing Update!
Here's the latest for the month of August.

If you look at my July update, my main goals were to finish preparations for my upcoming releases in The Risqué Series, to write a Christmas novella, and to outline a new series.

Have I accomplished this?

As far as preparations for my upcoming releases, yes, I definitely accomplished this. I put together all my posts and sent out emails to everyone who is sharing.

When it comes to writing a novella or outlining a series, not so much. The thing is, I wasn't feeling the novella. I tried to start writing it, but it just wasn't flowing so I set it aside for the time being. The new series I'm still dabbling in, but haven't really put much effort into other than outlining a prequel.

Instead, I started writing something different. It's a story idea I had ages ago that I brought back recently when I was debating on what to write next. I had typed up a sort of outline in June/July, but figured I'd actually write it after the Christmas novella. Turns out, the inspiration for this new story is much stronger. One night when I couldn't fall asleep, I pulled up the doc on my phone and typed up 180 words for the first chapter. It just... happened. Since then, I've managed to write over 2000 more in it and it's on track to be likely my next release if all continues to go well.

Am I on track?

For my new releases, definitely. I have some last-minute things that still need to be done like scheduling newsletters, but for the most part, everything is on track.

Even though I didn't get to the projects I originally planned on doing, I still made progress on a new project which seems to be working out much better. So I traded one plan for another that shows more promise.

Goals for September

Well, September holds two more releases for me, which is exciting and nerve-wracking. I'm ready for it, though. A large portion of what needs to be done is done, and everything else is manageable.

I also hope to get more accomplished with writing this new project. I don't know how much of it I'll be able to do given the fact that I have two releases, but I'm going to get as much writing in as possible. I have a low goal in mind for September (333 words a day/10k in 30 days), but I feel if I put forth the effort I can handle it. I'm hoping to participate in several writing sprints because those generally give me the motivation I need to accomplish my word count goals.

Other than that... Stay safe, wear a mask, and take care!

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