New Covers for all books in the Risqué Series and the Boxset!

Friday, October 29, 2021 No comments

Hello, lovelies!

I'm sharing FOUR new covers today: all three books in the Risqué Series AND the Boxset! They don't look super different, but I've adjusted a little bit on each cover and wanted to share.

Here's a reminder of the old covers:

Here are the new covers!

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What do you think of the updated covers?

New Covers for Unexpected, Can't Stay Away, and Irresistibly Yours!

Friday, October 22, 2021 No comments

Hello, lovelies!

I'm excited to share three new covers today. Two of the three are fairly similar to what they were originally, just had a bit of a refresh (size adjustment, font adjustment, etc). But one is very different!

Here's a reminder of the old covers:

Here are the new covers!


What do you think of the updated covers and the new cover?

New Covers and Blurbs for Resist and Longing!

Friday, October 15, 2021 No comments

Hello, lovelies!

I'm excited to share two new covers and blurbs for the Resist Series today. It's nothing special by any means, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to officially share it on the blog.

Why did I update the covers and change the blurbs? I just felt it was time for a change and the series needed a little bit of an refresh. The covers aren't majorly different, only slightly. This will likely be the last time I have an update on the covers for a long time, though, so no more surprises in the near future.

Here are the old covers:

And here are the new covers:

Here is the new blurb for Resist:

I’m a girl on a mission.

That mission? Have a one-night stand with a stranger.

When my company’s annual meeting comes around, I’m more than happy to travel to New York to break up the monotony of my absent love life. It’ll be nice to enjoy the skyline from my hotel room for the weekend and find that stranger.

Everything’s going according to plan until Devlin Pierce steps out of that elevator.

We met at last year’s event and our chemistry was undeniable. Just when I thought something was about to happen between us, I caught him kissing someone else.

Now he won’t leave me alone and as much as I’m trying to fight it, the pull he has on me is impossible to resist. That’s when he makes an offer I can’t refuse.

One night. It’s all he asks and all I want.

Or is it?

Here is the new blurb for Longing:

It’s been two months since I walked out of Devlin’s hotel room.

Well, two months and five days, but I’m not counting.

I desperately need to move on, but before I can, Devlin shows up… as my new coworker.

As if I wasn’t already losing my mind, seeing him at work every day is making it worse. I try to stay away from him, knowing the effect he has on me, but I can’t. The more I’m around him, the more tempted I am to have something more.

After everything I’ve been through in the past, it’s a slippery slope that may land me in a place I never want to revisit.

There’s something happening to my heart, though. A longing is building up that isn’t one-sided… and doesn’t feel temporary.

He wants me. I want a forever.

Is it possible to have it all?


What do you think of the change?