Book and Series Orders

All Books in Order of Publication

Resist (Released on August 26th 2014)
Longing (Released on January 26th 2015)
Unexpected (Released on July 21st 2015)
Can't Stay Away (Released on February 29th 2016)
Irresistibly Yours (Released on January 16th 2019)
Desiring the Dancer (Released on August 31st 2020)
Enticing the Escort (Released on September14th 2020)
Seducing the Star (Released on September 28th 2020)

Standalone Books

Can't Stay Away

Short Story Compilations

Irresistibly Yours

The Resist Series

Resist (#1)
Longing (#2)

The Risqué Series

Desiring the Dancer (#1)
Enticing the Escort (#2)
Seducing the Star (#3)

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