What books have you written?

I have written several! As of right now, I've published one novella, three full-length novels, and a short story compilation. You can learn more about each of my books here.

What is your writing process? How long does it take you to write a book?

My process varies depending on my state of mind and the story. I generally spend a most of my time thinking about the idea itself, clearing up any potential plot holes and mapping out a makeshift outline in my head. Usually I outline, at least a little bit, but sometimes in detail.

The time it takes me to write a book changes from book to book. I feel it has to do with the story and how many obstacles my characters decide to throw at me. It took me about 4-5 months to write each of my full-length books and about 2 months for my novella.

What are you working on now?

Currently I'm in the process of writing multiple stories. I'm working on a trilogy of novellas about naughty men in unconventional jobs. There are others in various stages as well, but I'm primarily wanting to finish the trilogy first.

When will all of your books be available in paperback/audiobook?

I'm hoping within the next couple years I can have everything available in paperback format. As for audiobooks, that's on the back burner until it becomes more feasible and the right opportunity comes by.

Where can I get signed books?

I currently don't have any available at the moment. A large portion of my copies have been packed away since there isn't enough space where I live to keep them out. Once I have them available again, I will update this!

Is the Resist  series complete?

As of right now, it's complete. I've tried multiple times to write a third book, but it's been a few years and the inspiration isn't coming for it. I might write a few scenes from Devlin's POV, though.

Are you turning any of your other books into a series?

Not at the moment. All my non-series stories are complete as is.

Will you be writing any books about secondary characters from any of your current books?

Maybe.  I have a few ideas in mind for some characters I felt a deeper connection to, but their stories haven't been fully fleshed out in my mind yet. But someday? I'm sure I'll write at least one.

Are you looking for reviewers for your books?

Yes! If you're an active book blogger or reviewer, I have openings on my ARC team. This is primarily for future releases only currently, although I may open up some backlist books down the line.

How can we stay up-to-date about your upcoming books?

Stalk me everywhere! I'm available on my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as on my Facebook group, Lilly's Lovelies. You can also sign up to receive my newsletter.