The Short Version:
Lilly Avalon is the thirty-something author of the RESIST series and other romance books. She started to pen her first erotica at twelve years old, but her mom found the "dirty story" and threw it away, which was just as well because it wasn't that good. At all. Luckily, she continued to write stories for years until she rediscovered her love of sexy tales in her late twenties.

Lilly currently resides in Ohio with her husband. Lilly Avalon is a pen name.

The Slightly Longer Version:

Throwback photo to my early pre-publishing writing days.

I began writing seriously in 2011 when I started to book blog. I participated in NaNoWriMo that year and wrote my first published book, If Only We, which is written under my real name Jessica L. Tate. It took me nearly two years to finish writing and revising the story and I published it on October 27th 2013.

A couple months later, I decided to write a steamy romance. This is where Lilly Avalon, my pen name, was born. I published Here All Along, a short story, on Valentine's Day in 2014. From then on, I continued to publish mostly under the pen name because I was loving writing romance with sexytimes.

My husband and I on the day we eloped at the courthouse.

In December of 2015, I met Kyle on a dating app. We met in person and there was something magical about our relationship. I loved talking to him every day, and it didn't take long for us to get serious. We were engaged the following September and then married on January 13th 2017. We're still going strong after nearly five years together.

Veronica, Arya, and Leela.

Starting in July of 2017, I started adopting my first rodents. The original 3 were all red-eyed-white females and I named them Veronica, Arya, and Leela. They were so cute and loved to run around on their wheel and make nests and climb on my arm.

Me with my rat Dora Winifred.

Six months later, I adopted my first two rats. I named the two females Dora Winifred and Nadine, after characters on the kid's show Arthur. Miss Dora was a doll and gave me kisses all the time. Nadine was a biter, but she warmed up to me a little bit, even though it didn't stop her from nipping at me if I placed my hand where it didn't belong in her cage.

Me with my male mouse, Bellamy

After I lose two of my female mice, I was in PetSmart looking for supplies when I saw Bellamy. He was so handsome and I just couldn't leave without him. I messaged my husband and told him I wanted this mouse and he said I can get him if I wanted. So I did. He was the sweetest little guy. Since male mice have to be housed alone, he became very attached to me. If he saw me walking by, he'd run to the side of his cage and want my attention.

Me with my heart rat, Nigel AKA Smoosh

I lost Dora Winifred suddenly before Christmas in 2019. A week later when my husband and I were out shopping, I went into a privately owned pet store and saw the rats. Since Miss Nadine was all alone, I wanted to get her a friend. So I asked the employee to get me a female rat. Turns out, he pulled out a male rat instead and I didn't notice until I got home. It ended up being a beautiful mistake because Nigel ended up becoming my heart rat. He and I had a special bond and he absolutely loved me as much as I loved him. Since he was a feeder rat and not bred properly, he had respiratory issues. The first time he got sick, I had to nurse him back to health, which is when we bonded. His health improved for seven months and then he got sick again. The second time, he wasn't as fortunate and passed away in my arms.

As of right now, I no longer have any pet rodents because they have unfortunately all passed away. They sadly live such short lives with us, but they are such darlings. I'm planning on adopting another male mouse in the new year and adopt rats again once my husband and I get a house.