The Latest From Lilly Avalon - May 2020

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Hello lovelies!

Ever since my last post on Camp NaNo, I've been itching to tell y'all more details about what I've been working on. There are reasons why I haven't gone into many specifics regarding these stories, and I'll explain that here as well.

Here's the rundown!

When I initially began publishing, I had the tendency to speak too soon about the writing projects I wanted to pursue next. I actually looked back on old blog posts to read about them and had to facepalm a few times. There were so many instances  where I would make statements about what's next and when to expect it... and I never did. It's something I still feel bad about to this day. I learned my lesson, though, and since then I refrain from getting too specific about my plans or talk in too much detail about my project unless there's either been progress and it will be finished soon or  the first draft has been fully written.

Which brings us to today...

As of April 29th, I have completed the first drafts of three novellas. Since I've reached this point, it's time for me to talk about my projects in more detail. What are these three novellas? Well, I'll tell you!

These three novellas are part of a series of stories about naughty men. Each novella follows a woman interested in a man who is in an unconventional job. What kind of unconventional job?

Book one is about a male stripper.
Book two is about a male escort.
Book three is about a male porn star.

Intrigued yet? I hope so. I liked the idea of choosing taboo professions for the men. It makes the story more fun, especially tackling the stereotypes and showing that they're just the same as a man in a conventional job.

What about the titles?

Let me tell you... I had three titles picked out a long time ago. They brought me great amusement because they were part of my plan to use the word "cocky" in a book title (or three) after the whole Cockygate scandal. When I told my husband what the titles were, he didn't particularly care for them but told me I could title the books however I wanted to. I thought about what he said, and asked myself if all of the love interests were indeed "cocky" men. And they really weren't. So I came up with new titles, ones that honestly suited the stories much, much better. And here they are:

Desiring the Dancer (The Risqué Series #1)
Enticing the Escort (The Risqué Series #2)
Seducing the Star (The Risqué Series #3)

All three of them are now on Goodreads. The blurbs still need to be written. Also, I haven't selected release dates because I'm in the early stages of revisions. They are about three different couples and can be read as standalones, although in order works better so you can see where it all began (and they're set in the same world with people who appear in the other books). I do have tentative dates in mind, though, so cross your fingers that I can knock these revisions out of the park.

That's all I've got for you right now! I should have the blurbs and release dates picked out by the end of the month. Once those are ready, it'll be time for a triple cover reveal!

Stay posted with how everything progresses by joining my reader group on Facebook. I've been trying to keep everyone updated every few days/every week with what's going on.

Until next time, take care of yourself!

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