I've been... absent, I know...

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Why, hello there my lovelies!

I'm so sorry for being so quiet for so long. There has been a lot going on in real life lately and I've had to set aside a few things while I tied up some loose ends and got life back to a somewhat normal. I promise you, though, that I am working on getting myself back out there.

Another reason why it has been so long is this blog. Well, the original blog I had was on Wordpress. Somehow the html wasn't right and I know nothing about configuring that sort of thing, so I finally had to switch over to Blogger, which is a lot easier for me to use. I transferred all my old posts to this blog and once I get everything set up, I'll delete the old blog.

Anyhow... there's so much to get caught up on! Here's some of the stuff that has happened that I haven't had a chance to talk about...

First of all, a huge thank you to every single person who helped share the release of Here All Along, who bought the book, who read the book, who reviewed the book, who did anything to promote the book. You are all wonderful people and I'm cyber-hugging you right now. (If you close your eyes, you can imagine it.)

In March, I ran a special promotion for Here All Along where you could get it for free for five days. It went so well that it actually made it to #9 on the free Romantic Erotica list on Amazon! NUMBER NINE. It was in a Top Ten on a list on Amazon. That was exciting. Thank you for that.

One of my beta readers mentioned how much she wished there was more to Adrian and Hazel's story than what is told in Here All Along. It got me to thinking about how much I adored them myself as I was telling their story. It made me realize that their story wasn't over yet. It never is when you finish reading a story... but I needed to tell the rest of the story. So I decided there will be more to the story in the full-length sequel, Here We Are. I'm working on the plot of the story--I have a basic idea of how I want it to go, but I need to work out the details. Once I get an outline of where I need to go, I'll be able to be more definitive on when the story will be published (my early estimate was end of summer, but it may take longer).

Here We Are isn't the only story that I'm writing right now. I have a novella that I've been dabbling in here and there recently. The title is Seduced by Midnight and it's going to be a modern satire on historical romance. It's early in the works, so I haven't added it on Goodreads. Once I get halfway through writing it, I'll put it on there. I just want to make sure I will definitely be publishing it in the near future (most likely before Here We Are). I also have another writing project in the works, but it's too soon to tell any details on that one yet. I promise (cross my heart!) that I'll tell you all about it when I know more.

I suppose that's all for now. There will be more to discuss in the coming future. I'll be getting this blog redesigned within the next month or so, so there's that to look forward to. In the meantime, I'm going to focus more energy than ever into writing, and at least being on Twitter more. Until then...

Lilly  <3

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