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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hello lovelies!

There will be a blog tour for Longing, the full-length sequel to Resist. It's hosted by Promo Stars (awesome blog tour company--great prices and communication). So, anyone with a book blog, please sign up if you can. You can do just an excerpt/promo post, or you can interview me, or set up your own Dream Cast of the characters in the Resist series.

Longing is now in the hands of my beta readers!

I've created a form for bloggers/reviewers to fill out for an ARC of Longing. The ARCs will not be available until early January (within the first week), but I figured I might as well give everyone the chance to sign up early. If you sign up for one, I would be eternally grateful if you can post your review just before or on release day (which is January 27th 2015). Even if you can't finish in time for that, if you can have it finished by April 30th 2015 at the latest, that would be spectacular!

I added a couple things to the form that I don't think I had on there previously regarding links to Goodreads profiles/book review blogs. I'm doing this as a precaution because I had a few people try to request copies of my books that either didn't follow through, never reviewed books before, or have no online reviewing profiles. If you're on Goodreads or have a book blog and you actively review books, you will be approved so don't worry!

I've decided to change my street team group on Facebook to a "Closed" group instead of a "Secret" group. This way, anyone can find the group page and request to join. They won't be able to see any posts until I approve their request. So, it's still essentially private, but it's easily accessible to anyone who's interested without having to "friend" me first. I was a little worried that when certain people added me as a friend on Facebook that they might not be interested in joining the group. It's easier to just let people tell me they want to be. :)

That's all for now, my lovelies!

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