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Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello my lovelies!

After reading an article about an author posting stories on Wattpad, I became intrigued at the idea. I've tossed around the possibility of publishing a short story anthology someday. It was just one of those side projects I hadn't put much effort into since I was so focused on finishing Unexpected. In the middle of the first draft of Unexpected, I wrote a short story. It was something I whipped up over the course of a few days because it demanded to be written (as most stories tend to do). I set it aside and kept going on Unexpected thinking I'd get back to it eventually.

Then the idea of posting on Wattpad came on my radar and I thought, "You know, I might as well scratch the idea of waiting around to publish the anthology and just start sharing it." So I signed up, made a cover on my own, and posted the first part of my short story, Taking the Risk! There are two more parts, one I just hit publish on today, and the last to be posted in the next few weeks (the story is a little over 5,000 words altogether). Short story #2, titled Breaking the Rules, is coming not long after that. I'm in the middle of writing it right now in between Unexpected revisions.

I'm not sure how many stories will be in this anthology altogether, but I'm having fun with it so far! I love writing short stories. I think it's because they're sweet and simple and fun. Maybe someday I'll publish them all in one large collection, but for now, this is enough for me. I want to share it with you for the absolute fun of it because you deserve it.

So, here's all the details and links for
Irresistibly Yours: A Collection of Erotica Short Stories...

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1. Taking the Risk 
After spending the last year pining for her boss, Sara has decided it's time to move on. What's the point of waiting around for Brandon when it's considered inappropriate work behavior to date? A night on the town should be just the thing she needs to get her mind off him—that is, until Brandon shows up.
| Part One | Part Two | Part Three (Coming Soon) |

2. Breaking the Rules -- (Coming Soon)

[Synopsis to come]

PS: I'm hoping to have links to the Unexpected cover reveal soon! *squeals* Can't wait for you to see this beauty of a cover. <3

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