I'm participating on NaNoWriMo this year!

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Guess what, my lovelies?

I decided that I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year.

I am officially insane.

Why? Because I just finished my current WIP, Can't Stay Away... like JUST finished it on October 31st. And I'm going to start a new story today... and write the whole thing... 50,000 words... in 30 days...


Anyways! I wanted to let you guys know I'll be hiding away in the writing cave for most of the month, but don't worry, I'll be posting updates on Twitter constantly to let you know what's going on. Plus, there will be a recap of the month in early December when I've dug myself out of the "I just wrote 50,000 words in 30 days" haze. ;)

If you're a writer and you're looking for writing buddies, add me here! I'm always looking for more!

Trick-or-Treat Reads Book Blog Hop #TrickOrTreatReads 2015

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Hello all!

I'm participating in the Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop hosted by Patricia Lynne! The point of the hop is to go around to different blogs and get free books from authors--so it's like book candy. Isn't that super awesome?!

I'm offering two books: Resist or More Than Words. You can download them for FREE via Smashwords with a coupon code (located underneath the cover above the Goodreads link). This code will be good for TODAY ONLY.

Coupon Code for Resist: AH48W
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Coupon Code for More Than Words: LJ57S
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Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs on this hop and pick up your bookish candy treats!

Can't Stay Away Cover Reveal!

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Hello lovelies!!!

In the midst of writing Can't Stay Away, I found myself browsing stock photo sites. Two of them had credits that were about to expire, so I decided I'd look for some photos for book covers and teasers. I already had one picture in mind for CSA, but then I came across another that was absolutely perfect. So perfect, even my cover artist, Marie Landry, wanted to steal it from me. She (ever so reluctantly) made the cover for me, and it is so gorgeous. Just so GORGEOUS. Since I'm insanely biased, I'll let you guys be the judge of that...


Release date: February 29th 2016
Piper Winchester is fresh out of college. With only three weeks until her father remarries and five weeks until her first business venture launches, she's got her hands full. She certainly doesn't need any distractions to get in the way of building the future her father's always wanted for her. But when a familiar boy with bright green eyes walks back into her life, she's thrown for a loop.

Four years ago, Chase MacKenzie left for college without looking back. He didn't mean to disturb the peace then, and he definitely doesn't want to do that now. Once he lays his eyes on Piper again, there's no way he can leave without fixing what went wrong in the past. Although she's more determined than ever to push him away, he still manages to get under her skin. Regardless of what happens between them, there's one thing that will always be standing in their way...

He's about to become her stepbrother.

Since this is a super early cover reveal, the book blitz sign-ups probably won't be available for a little while, but I'll definitely link everyone to it once it's available!

In the meantime, feel free to join my reader group on Facebook, Lilly's Lovelies, and/or sign up for my newsletter (I promise not to spam you). There are perks to being part of the reader group/subscribing to the newsletter--perks of the ARC and giveaway nature. Not to mention several exclusive teasers for upcoming books.

Let me know what you think of the cover in the comments!

High hopes and the actualities of being an indie author

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When I first started publishing, I had no idea where it was going to go. I just wanted to write my stories and share them with the world. I knew what my first story would be, but I wasn't sure what would be next.

Then I published my first book, Here All Along. It was a short story, but several people fell for Adrian and Hazel and wanted more of them. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to continue their story. It was my intent to make Here We Are (the sequel) my next project, but when the characters weren't speaking to me, I had to move on.

That's when I wrote Resist. I knew when I started the story that it would end on a cliffhanger and require a full-length sequel. When I wrote the sequel, Longing, I thought it would end there. Somehow the idea for Forever (Resist #3) came to me since I didn't want to let go of Allegra and Devlin just yet. Also, while I was writing Longing, a companion novel for Sonya became necessary.

After I started writing Longing, an idea that had been in the back of my head began talking to me. I started writing it because I needed to get it all out before the inspiration went away. In 12 days, I had finished a novella called More Than Words. I thought that the story was complete, until I was driving home from work one night and a continuation for Dana and Landon struck me, and now there will be More Than Anything, book #2.

I had set Unexpected aside more than a year ago to write Resist since something wasn't working for Ryan and Alina's story. I picked it up again and started telling it in dual POV and the gears began turning again. Along the way, we meet Willa, a girl who becomes a friend of Alina's. When I finished Unexpected, I knew that the story was complete. But Willa? She wants me to tell her story now, too.

So... now I have a sequel to write for both Here All Along and More Than Words, plus the third book in the Resist series, plus a companion novel to the Resist series, and very likely a companion novel to Unexpected.

Did I have any idea this would happen?

No. Not even slightly.

I want to write these stories. I really do. They're always on my mind, sitting there in my subconscious, spinning around and being thought about off and on. Not only that, but there are several other stories I haven't told you about bouncing around in there with them.

I'm sure some of you are getting curious. Wondering if you'll ever hear what happens next for Adrian, Hazel, Allegra, Devlin, Dana, Landon, Sonya, and Willa. Am I going to just tease you with the possibility of it forever while writing a bunch of new stories with new characters? Let me be the first to assure you that I have every intention to write them.

I just honestly have no idea when.

I keep having high hopes that I'll be able to get to one of them soon, but then something prevents it. Sometimes it's that the inspiration isn't happening. Sometimes it's a plot conflict that isn't resolving itself. But sometimes? It's life.

As an indie author, I have to do the majority of the work myself. This includes investing the money and contacting reviewers. Some of us pay people to help with covers and formatting (like me). Others make their own covers and do their own formatting. Plus, a lot of us work outside the home and some have responsibilities and/or health issues to contend with. All the above adds up to limited time and resources to getting our books out there.

Frankly, it sucks. Not being an indie author, because I love being an indie author. It's the obstacles that get in the way of writing. If I could hide away in a cabin in the woods with a limitless supply of caffeine, chocolate, and rum, I could write these books in no time! But alas, that's not the case. And it's frustrating to say the least when all I want to do is give you all these books so you can see where all the characters end up. Hell, even I want to know!

I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that even though I have all these books I want to write, I've had to become more reasonable in what I expect of myself. I kind of jumped the gun by adding both Here We Are and More Than Anything to Goodreads when I wasn't even started on them. Now they're up there and people are anxiously awaiting the sequels. Plus, I wrote a post on this blog regarding my 2015 book plans...and honestly, with the exception of Unexpected, the majority of that post isn't coming true. I'm currently working on a story that didn't even exist in my head back then.

So, from now on, I'm going to do things a little differently around here. First off, I won't be telling anyone about the title of a book or adding it to Goodreads until I'm at least 10,000 words in. That way I won't be teasing you with books I'm unable to write right away.

Secondly, the books mentioned in this post that haven't been written will slowly get written. I would like to spend the next couple years working on them and getting as many out as I possibly can. I don't want to be one of those people who makes promises they can't keep. I don't want to let you down or get your hopes up.

As of this minute, I'm working on a new book called Can't Stay Away. I put it up on Goodreads after I reached the 10,000 word mark (and am currently at 20,000 words). It will be my next published book that I am hoping to have out by the end of 2015 (fingers crossed). After I finish this book, I'm unsure of which one is next. One of the above sequels/companions is definitely high on the list of "next book" after the current one.

When it comes to these stories? They all will get written. That, my dear friends, is the one thing I can promise you.

It's release day for UNEXPECTED!

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Unexpected is finally here!

| Add to your shelf on Goodreads |
| Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Smashwords |
Ever had one of those days? Alina Lyons is having one. Everything keeps falling apart and going wrong. Just when she thinks it couldn't get worse, it does. After a case of mistaken identity and a broken heart, she finds herself questioning the things she thought she knew. She wonders who she can turn to or trust anymore.

An unlikely bond with her former best friend's ex, Ryan Wilcox, sends her life in a new direction. He offers her a place to stay while she gets her life back on track. His friendship is exactly what she's been missing—what she's been needing. Alina's never felt this alive. As time goes by, the dynamic of their relationship becomes more than either of them expected. A few innocent kisses could lead them in a new direction, but are they prepared for what's on the other side?

Only one way to find out.

Advanced Praise:

"This was the first novel that I had read from Lilly Avalon, and it was phenomenal. I loved her writing style, and the storyline and characters she created were extraordinary." ~Julia from The Perks of Being a Bibliophile (read full review here)

"Sweet, passionate and endearing, I was more than happy to let Ryan be my book boyfriend for the evening." ~Heather at Obsessed with Myshelf (read full review here)

"I found Ms. Avalon’s writing to be refreshing, humorous, entertaining, and thoughtful, with just enough delightfully sensual teases and steamy scenes sprinkled throughout to keep my heart and respiration rates up." ~Empress DJ at Books and Bindings (read full review here)

"Fans of friends to lovers stories will love this as much as I did. Not only do we get the story of friends becoming more, we get to see the characters becoming friends in the first place. It made for a fantastic book!" ~Sabrina at Escaping Into Books (read full review here)



First Chapter Reveal for UNEXPECTED

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Hello lovelies!

I've decided to do something special for everyone and share the first chapter of Unexpected. You know, because I'm a huge tease. *wink wink* Anyway, I hope you enjoy your first look at Unexpected!


Chapter One
Alina –

It's been one of those days.

You know the kind—the one where you want to rename Murphy's Law after yourself. No matter how hard you try to make it better, it just gets worse. All you want to do is go home, crawl under the covers, and sleep through the rest of the day. That's right. Now it's known as Alina's Law.

The last twenty-four hours of my life have been hell. It started yesterday afternoon when I met up with my boyfriend, Drew, for coffee. When he told me to meet him at the Mocha Shack, he made it sound important. I thought maybe he got a raise or possibly promoted at work. Turns out, he asked me if we could put our relationship “on hold” for a little bit. His explanation—if you could call it that—was that he's too stressed with his job and doesn't want to upset me if he can't meet his boyfriend obligations.

This, unfortunately, isn't the first time he's done this to me. Before I left, I told him this is the last time I'm allowing him to play this card. Next time he asks for a break, it's going to be a break up. He reluctantly agreed.

While I drove home, my irritation over Drew turned into outright anger. His previous “relationship breaks” happened not long after we started dating. We reached the six-month mark a couple weeks back and had even been discussing moving in together. Now he wanted to take a break? Again? As soon as I got home, I sent him a text message telling him he'll have to grovel for me to take him back.

Once I got out of my car, I was stomping as I walked to my apartment door. That's when I accidentally dropped my cell phone on the sidewalk, cracking the screen. It was a brand spanking new phone, too—only a week old. Practically straight out of the box. Since it was already too late in the day to get a replacement, I had to survive without it the rest of the night.

I couldn't find the obligatory pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream in the freezer, so I settled on the chocolate chip cookies I made Friday night. I poured a glass of milk and watched a cheesy B-movie on cable. I tried to stay up to talk about what happened with my best friend and roommate, Victoria, but she must have stayed late at the sports bar where she’s currently working part time. I ended up going to bed before midnight to get enough sleep for my early shift at Geoffrey's Diner.

I barely got any sleep—I kept tossing and turning since I couldn't stop thinking. Then this morning when I went out to my car, my back right tire was flat. I had to wake up Warren, the neighbor from across the hall, to help me fix it. As if I wasn't late enough already, I was stuck for an extra five minutes at a train crossing once I got on the road.

Upon arriving to work, I discover my Monday shift had been given away to someone else. My jerk of a boss—The Geoffrey of Geoffrey's Diner—told me I had no excuse and I should have called. I showed him my damaged cell phone, but he just shrugged and told me, “Sorry.” And what do I do in response? I quit my job on the spot. I stormed out the front door, and I may have flipped Geoffrey off as I was walking away.

It's now three o'clock on June first and we're approaching the twenty-four hour mark of the start of Alina's Law. Everything is hitting me all at once as I sit on my bed, replacement phone in my lap, the only good thing about today. What happened? And what am I supposed to do about it? It's too bad Victoria is still sleeping. I could use someone to talk to about this.

Leaning forward with my elbows on my knees, I weave my fingers into my hair. I wince at how greasy it feels. I took a shower this morning, but apparently changing the tire reversed the effects. I sigh and walk to the bathroom to take a second shower. When I flip on the lights, one of the three bulbs burns out with a spark that causes me to jump. “Really?” I say out loud to the universe, rubbing my hand over my forehead. I turn to go find a new one, but throw up my hands. I'm not in the mood to change it now. I'll take care of it later.

After stripping off all my clothes and throwing them into the hamper, I climb under the hot spray of the shower. I let the water wash over me, warming my body and rinsing the last twenty-four hours off my skin. God, this feels good.

When I'm done showering, I'm going to change into pajamas and relax on the couch with a good book. I have a few romance novels to catch up on anyway. Who wouldn't want the distraction from life if they went through what I just dealt with? I've met my quota of bad things for the day. It's probably best for me to avoid leaving the house at this point. Today can't get any worse if I do that, can it?

Out of the corner of my eye, the bathroom door opens. Despite the lack of light, I can make out Drew's silhouette through the shower curtain. Looks like someone's already changed his mind. He better be prepared to grovel, I think, smiling. I expect him to say something, but instead he steps inside the shower behind me. My jaw drops. Drew usually saves the sexual stuff for the bedroom. Anytime I suggest something outside the box, he either refuses or makes excuses. Him coming in here with me? Now that's how to grovel.

He touches my shoulders, tracing his fingers down my back to my waist. He steps forward, pressing his front into my back. The sudden feel of our naked bodies touching causes me to shiver. Both of his hands come around under my arms and up to my breasts. He caresses them, his thumbs teasing my nipples in slow circles as he kisses along my shoulder.

I'm entranced by his touch; I've never felt anything like it before. Melting into him, I reach behind me, grabbing his ass to pull him closer. His hard length presses against my backside, making him growl. Still holding on to me, he pushes me up against the side of the shower wall. My breasts touch the cold tile as the hot water slides over my back between our bodies

Damn, this is sexy.

One of his hands descends from my stomach, going lower. A finger slips between my legs and I open immediately to the invasion. He strokes my flesh as I let out a shivering breath. His finger slides inside me once...twice...three times...then slides out. I bite my lips when his expert fingers rub over my clit with featherlight touches. He doesn't increase the pressure; he knows what he's doing. I can feel the smile against my skin when he kisses my shoulder blade. His other hand comes up to stroke the edge of my breast. Such a light touch, and yet it's like lightning zipping through me.

Is it possible to feel too good? Because this almost is. It's almost as though one of my romance novels has been brought to life to balance out the universe. I consider it a victory. Screw you, Alina's Law!

I want—no, need—to have him inside me. Reaching back between us, I wrap a hand around his length, slowly moving up and down. He growls again, making me feel like a naughty girl. It's the first time I've felt like one with him, the first time he's allowed me to feel like one. Removing my hand, he spreads my legs apart a little, sliding himself between my folds. My mouth falls open as he rubs against my center, then directly on my clit. A low groan vibrates from his throat and I want to swallow the sound as I taste his lips.

He's never reacted like this, so wildly primal. It turns me on in a brand new way. In fact, ever since he set foot in the shower, everything has been a thousand times better than any other time we've fooled around. How can that be? I'm coming alive with every touch. I'm a butterfly discovering her wings after emerging from the cocoon. It's like he's a different person. I'm so close; I can feel the pleasure increasing, building to greater heights. It usually takes much longer for me to reach an orgasm. Yet I know the instant he thrusts into me, I'm going to explode.

It's obvious based on how roughly he pushes against me that he's losing a battle with his self-control. His breath is erratic and hot against my ear, turning me on all the more. When his teeth graze my ear and tug on my earlobe, a tiny cry comes from my throat before I can stop it.

“You're so goddamn hot,” he whispers, his hands sliding up my sides.

That's when I tense against him. That voice...it's not Drew. I gasp when the voice finally registers in my brain. “Ryan?”

He stops moving entirely, loosening his grip on my hands. “Alina?”

Turns out I was wrong before. Today could totally get worse.


Ever had one of those days? Alina Lyons is having one. Everything keeps falling apart and going wrong. Just when she thinks it couldn't get worse, it does. After a case of mistaken identity and a broken heart, she finds herself questioning the things she thought she knew. She wonders who she can turn to or trust anymore.

An unlikely bond with her former best friend's ex, Ryan Wilcox, sends her life in a new direction. He offers her a place to stay while she gets her life back on track. His friendship is exactly what she's been missing—what she's been needing. Alina's never felt this alive. As time goes by, the dynamic of their relationship becomes more than either of them expected. A few innocent kisses could lead them in a new direction, but are they prepared for what's on the other side?

Only one way to find out.

More Than Words is available for FREE for a limited time!

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Hello lovelies!

More Than Words is free for a limited time! It'll only be for a few days and I don't know the exact moment it'll go back to 99 cents, so you'd better download now before it's too late. *wink, wink*

Goodreads | Amazon |
All of her friends know her as Dana Darling, the clean romance writer. She's never written a steamy novel, not even in her head, but now her publisher needs her to write one. It doesn't appear too difficult at first, but then Dana's lack of sexual knowledge creates writer's block.
That's where her friend Landon comes in. She needs pointers on positions and dirty talk, and he owes her a favor. They agree that it's strictly business and clothes are mandatory, but once they get to work, it's another story entirely... one that's being written between the sheets and not on paper. 
*More Than Words is a 12,000 word erotica novella*


Unexpected Cover Reveal!

Hello lovelies!!!

I cannot express how excited I am to share the cover to my next novel, Unexpected. The cover was originally going to have a different picture used for it, but right when I was going to have Marie make it, another author shared their latest book... featuring aforementioned picture. I immediately freaked out and went on an extensive search for a new picture. I found this pretty and, well, I think I'm happier with this instead! I'm so happy with it, it's my favorite. <3


Release date: July 21st 2015
Ever had one of those days? Alina Lyons is having one. Everything keeps falling apart and going wrong. Just when she thinks it couldn't get worse, it does. After a case of mistaken identity and a broken heart, she finds herself questioning the things she thought she knew. She wonders who she can turn to or trust anymore.

An unlikely bond with her former best friend's ex, Ryan Wilcox, sends her life in a new direction. He offers her a place to stay while she gets her life back on track. His friendship is exactly what she's been missing—what she's been needing. Alina's never felt this alive. As time goes by, the dynamic of their relationship becomes more than either of them expected. A few innocent kisses could lead them in a new direction, but are they prepared for what's on the other side?

Only one way to find out.

*Unexpected is a standalone new adult novel*

The book blitz sign ups should be up soon and I'll be sure to link you to that right away!

In the meantime, feel free to join my reader group on Facebook, Lilly's Lovelies, and/or sign up for my newsletter (I promise not to spam you). There are perks to being part of the reader group/subscribing to the newsletter--perks of the ARC and giveaway nature. Not to mention several exclusive teasers for upcoming books.

I've also created a Thunderclap campaign for release day and would love it if you could offer your support via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr.

Let me know what you think of the cover in the comments!

Unexpected Cover Reveal Sign Ups

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Hello lovelies!

Sign ups for the cover reveal for Unexpected, my upcoming NA novel, are finally up! The reveal is scheduled for June 5th, which is next Friday. If you're interested in sharing the cover (which I strongly suggest because it. is. gorgeous.), here's the link to the sign up post:

Thank you!!

Irresistibly Yours: a collection of erotica short stories available exclusively on Wattpad

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Hello my lovelies!

After reading an article about an author posting stories on Wattpad, I became intrigued at the idea. I've tossed around the possibility of publishing a short story anthology someday. It was just one of those side projects I hadn't put much effort into since I was so focused on finishing Unexpected. In the middle of the first draft of Unexpected, I wrote a short story. It was something I whipped up over the course of a few days because it demanded to be written (as most stories tend to do). I set it aside and kept going on Unexpected thinking I'd get back to it eventually.

Then the idea of posting on Wattpad came on my radar and I thought, "You know, I might as well scratch the idea of waiting around to publish the anthology and just start sharing it." So I signed up, made a cover on my own, and posted the first part of my short story, Taking the Risk! There are two more parts, one I just hit publish on today, and the last to be posted in the next few weeks (the story is a little over 5,000 words altogether). Short story #2, titled Breaking the Rules, is coming not long after that. I'm in the middle of writing it right now in between Unexpected revisions.

I'm not sure how many stories will be in this anthology altogether, but I'm having fun with it so far! I love writing short stories. I think it's because they're sweet and simple and fun. Maybe someday I'll publish them all in one large collection, but for now, this is enough for me. I want to share it with you for the absolute fun of it because you deserve it.

So, here's all the details and links for
Irresistibly Yours: A Collection of Erotica Short Stories...

| Irresistibly Yours on Wattpad |

1. Taking the Risk 
After spending the last year pining for her boss, Sara has decided it's time to move on. What's the point of waiting around for Brandon when it's considered inappropriate work behavior to date? A night on the town should be just the thing she needs to get her mind off him—that is, until Brandon shows up.
| Part One | Part Two | Part Three (Coming Soon) |

2. Breaking the Rules -- (Coming Soon)

[Synopsis to come]

PS: I'm hoping to have links to the Unexpected cover reveal soon! *squeals* Can't wait for you to see this beauty of a cover. <3

Unexpected + The Works In Progress + The Authorteers + Where I've Been + The Latest News + more

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Hello lovelies!

It's been a while, hasn't it? That's partly due to the fact that there hasn't been much going on... no new book published or on it's way around the corner, no other news of any sort. But... there are things in development, and I thought that it would be a good idea to tell everyone about them all in one post.


I finished the first draft of Unexpected! *cue high fives*

I've done a quick spelling/grammar check on it AND went through all the parts I marked to go back on (certain paragraphs that needed adjustment, scenes that needed expanding, etc). I also wrote a short list of scenes to add on that I missed and took care of those as well. Now I need to dive into revisions. I'm hoping I can get through the revisions within the next couple weeks so that I can send it off to betas and stay on track with my self-imposed deadlines.

My amazing cover artist, Marie Landry, is currently working on the cover for me. My original cover photo ended up getting used by another author right before I was going to use it, so I had to scrap that idea and start fresh with a new photo. The cover reveal should happen early June, along with the official release date! Get excited! I know I am.

The works in progress...

I had originally been hoping to have the third book in the Resist series (titled Forever) out sometime this summer. Unfortunately, Unexpected took me longer to write than originally anticipated. I do, however, have the book pretty much completely plotted out. It's just a matter of sitting down to write it now.

I have about, I don't know, five or six other story ideas brewing in my head right about now. One is sticking out more than the others, so I started writing the first chapter last night. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that I can focus on either this one (currently untitled) or Forever so that I can have another novel published in the fall. Then (fingers crossed again) I can have enough time to write my winter novella, Warm Me Up, and publish that in winter.

Cross your fingers with me, folks! I want to get at least one more book published by the end of 2015.

The awesomeness of The Authorteers...

Have you had a chance to check out the author blog I joined? It's called The Authorteers and I've joined forces with authors Molli Moran, Marie Landry, and Jessica Sankiewicz. We'll be sharing all sorts of fun teasers and news about our books, plus discussing lots of different writing topics.

You should check out The Authorteers Reader Group on Facebook! We share and talk about fun things--reading and writing and more. Plus, we'll be sharing some stuff on there related to our upcoming books before we share it elsewhere. So, you don't want to miss that!

Where I've been around the internet...

I've taken part in eight posts on The Authorteers so far:

I was also on a couple blogs recently:

The latest news...

Here All Along is now available for FREE everywhere! So if you haven't had the chance to read my first published story, you have no excuse not to now. ;)

Also... I'll be attending the Glass City Author Event on October 8th 2016! It's about a year and a half away, but I'm super excited. I'm really hoping to get several of my books made into paperback (Resist and Longing for starters, and any other book 20,000 words or longer that I publish between now and then) and a bunch of really awesome swag (including magnets and bookmarks) to put out on the table.

Tickets will go on sale in June, so I'll be sure to post a link to that in case anyone is interested in going. I can't wait to meet everyone!!

Don't forget about my newsletter and Facebook group...

As you may or may not know, I have a newsletter and a Facebook group. The newsletters aren't frequent (I'm pretty sure the last one I sent was when Longing was published in January), and most likely will only be sent when there's something important to say regarding an upcoming release or another newsworthy item needs to be shared. With regard to the Facebook group, it was originally a street team, but I decided I'd rather make it more laid back. So I changed it to a reader/fan group instead. It'll still be basically the same thing, only you aren't expected help with promo. All I want is to share some teasers, news, and maybe have some fun giveaways.

That's all for now, I hope you all have a lovely week!

I'm pleased to present The Authorteers--an indie author blog!

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Four indie authors have teamed up to form a blog!

Hey there my lovelies!!

I've joined forces with Molli Moran, Marie Landry, and Jessica Sankiewicz to form a super group of indie authors on a new blog called The Authorteers! Between the four of us, we've published 14 books! The genres range from YA to NA to contemporary romance to, of course, erotica. Today is our official launch day, which is exciting!

Here's what you can expect from The Authorteers:
  • Info about our books, writing, plans, etc.
  • Interviews, guest posts, and spotlights from our favorite authors
  • Discussions posts related to reading, writing, being an author, etc.
  • Some fun posts that aren't book related
  • And TONS of giveaways! (And I mean TONS.)

Meet the Authors:

Molli is a Southern author who doesn't consider her day complete if she hasn't written. She loves coffee and talking fast, things she attributes to being raised by Gilmore Girls. She's a romantic at heart, and brings that to her books, which are usually about quirky characters chasing after their happily ever after. Although content when reading, she can often be found watching and flailing over Doctor Who, cuddling her various pets, or spending time with friends, family, or her girlfriend. Molli loves Oxford commas, country music, Stefan Salvatore, and scarves.
Marie has the best job in the world—one where she gets to make stuff up for a living and shamelessly eavesdrop on everyone around her. She writes happily ever afters while dreaming about the day she’ll have her own epic love story to tell. Most days you can find her writing, reading, fantasizing about traveling the world, listening to U2, watching copious amounts of TV on DVD, or having grand adventures with her nephews and niece.
Lilly Avalon is the author of the RESIST series as well as other erotic romances. She's somewhere in the midst of her twenties and lives mostly in the stories in her head. When she's not enveloped in the worlds she creates, she's out in the real world making stories happen. That or reading other romances. It's a toss-up.
Jessica Sankiewicz is the author of the New Adult novella series, This Night. You can often find her either reading or marathon watching TV on DVD, her favorites being Castle and Veronica Mars. She frequently mismatches her clothes and giggles uncontrollably. She knows almost every Billy Joel song by heart. She collects books and toys, and she has an intense love of cats and lemurs. Jessica decided when she turned 27 that she would remain 27 forever. Currently in the midst of her quarter-life-crisis, she is still takin' names and getting very close to reaching an epiphany.
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