Glass City Author Event 2016 Pictures and Stuff

Monday, July 3, 2017
Hello lovelies!

I'm long overdue for this post... don't know why I never got around to sharing it. The end of 2016 was kind of whirlwind because Kyle and I got engaged, we went to the Glass City Author Event, went on vacation, then the holidays rolled around... then in the beginning of 2017 we eloped. Heh... so, yeah, I was a bit distracted! Oops! But better late than never, right??

The first annual Glass City Author Event was on October 8th 2016 in Toledo, Ohio. Kyle and I had to get up early to get there early to set up my table. I was nervous since it was my very first author event, not just as an author, but ever. I hadn't even gone to one as a reader! And given the fact that I have anxiety, that kinda made it a teensy bit more intimidating. Fortunately for me, Kyle was amazing and helped me out immensely. He was my salesman. And my bestie since Kindergarten, Stephanie came by and had me officially sign her copies of my books.

I met a bunch of authors, bloggers, readers, editors, PAs... just so many new people. It was great to connect and to make new friends. I even met someone who had read a few of my books! I sold several copies of books, and had a bunch of people pick up swag for themselves and giveaways and to remind them to buy my ebooks.

All in all it was a really amazing day. It kinda drained me a bit since it was so overwhelmingly wonderful to be in the midst of all the bookishness and there was so much to take in!

Here are photos from the event...

Me with (my then fiancé) Kyle at my table

Kyle sitting at the table in front of all my books, swag, and goodies

In the background is the large inflatable penis that everyone was signing. My signature is on there, too.

View from my seat at the table!

I'll be attending the 2nd annual Glass City Author Event on October 28th this year, so if you're interested, be sure to buy your tickets (VIP and general admission) so I can see you there!

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