Glass City Author Event - Pictures and Fun times!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Hello lovelies!

This was supposed to be posted already for this morning, buuuuuuut I forgot to log back in to finish uploading the pictures for the post. Heh. Anyways...

I had LOTS of fun at Glass City this year! I got to see several people I met at previous events and have chatted with on FB multiple times. It's really wonderful to know people at events. I had a really splendid day, sold a bunch of books, grabbed a bunch of swag..... I'll actually be hosting several giveaways in the future featuring this swag as well, so be sure you're following on my social media pages to find out about where you can win some. I haven't decided when I'll be doing the first one, but I'm thinking possibly once I hit 1000 likes on Facebook and other milestones, plus perhaps a FB takeover or party. We'll see. ;)

Here are the pictures from the event!

Me and the hubster
I dressed as a lemur since it was almost Halloween
Me and my bestie, Stephanie <3
Breigh Forstner, me, and Alexandria Sure <3
Me with my friend Michelle
Virginia Johnson and me
Me, Virginia Johnson, and my hubby taking funny pictures

Author group photo! I'm on the right side
Swag-a-licious! And a few books

I'm really bummed out that there won't be another Glass City next year, but there are several people who want to put another event together nearby so here's hoping!

Have a wonderful day!!


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