Holiday Cards from Lilly and Signed Paperbacks

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Hello lovelies!

I have two things to tell you about. First of all, I'm sending out holiday cards this year! I put together a form for everyone to fill out if they're interested in receiving one from me. And if anyone would like to send one to me, just put your email address in the comments spot and I'll email my address to you. I'm hoping to have a P.O. Box to use for these things sometime next year.

Also! I took my paperbacks off of Etsy and have opted for a form to purchase signed paperbacks, limited edition swag, and signed bookplates. Etsy charges 20 cents to renew every listing, so I figured I'd save myself that little bit of money and go with an easy to fill out form instead. I've even included shipping charges for each type of purchase. Paperbacks and swag/bookplates will have to be sent separately due to media mail having very strict guidelines (in other words, if they select my package of paperbacks + swag to inspect, they'd discover I'm not following the rules; ridiculous, but I have to follow them).

The bookplates are a new thing I'm trying out to have available for people who already have my books or international readers who would like my signature in their book. I'm not offering shipping outside the US for paperbacks at this time since the cost can be... very expensive. I'm talking $10-25 USD to ship 1 or more books, which is very unfortunate. Luckily, international readers can get my books through other channels for a much more reasonable cost and still have a signed bookplate available to make it into a signed book!

Thank you!


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