Happy New Year and Hello 2021!

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year, lovelies! It's 2021!

With how chaotic and terrible 2020 was, I'm glad to have that year behind me. While I know 2021 isn't going to be perfect given everything currently happening, I still have the hope that things will get better. We'll make progress toward eradicating coronavirus and we'll heal as a society.

This year, I want to take steps toward more of my personal and professional goals. I tend to reach too high and become upset when I can't achieve what I planned on doing every year. This time I'm going to be reasonable with myself. My surgery may be over and I may be recovering on schedule, but I still have to pace myself.

Near the beginning of December, one of my recent story ideas popped back into my mind and I decided that maybe I should go with it. The story doesn't need a whole lot of research, planning, storyboarding, or mapping. It's a simple steamy forbidden romance standalone novel. I came up with character names and outlined (most of) it, so I'm hoping to make that my first book of 2021.

Other than that book, I have a few other ideas in the works. I don't want to go into too many details as these books are in the very beginning stages and may not be ready to write this year, but I will hopefully have more information to share about these upcoming projects soon.

Ultimately, I just want to take my time and write what I can when I can with no pressure to meet any major deadlines. My goal is to publish at least 3 books, but maybe more depending on how things go. Wish me luck!

I promise to keep you all updated with the latest news whenever it's available! Take care!

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