Lilly Avalon Monthly Writing Update #9 for January 2021

Friday, January 29, 2021

Every month I share an update about what I'm writing in my Monthly Writing Update!
Here's the latest for the month of January.

If you look at my December update, my main goal was to finish outlining my latest WIP and start writing it.

Have I accomplished this?

Yes! I managed to finish outlining this new story, as well as writing up character profiles to reference. The character profiles took some time to finish but weren't as difficult as I thought they would be. I haven't gotten too far into actually writing the story, however I'm still proud of being able to finally get it started after all this time of not really writing. It's a good feeling to be writing again.

I'm not very far into the story yet (only on the first couple of chapters), and the word count isn't very high (less than 3000), but it's still more progress than I could have done a month or two ago.

Goals for February

To continue the story! I would like to aim for 7,500-10,000 words this month. That way I have a low goal and a stretch goal if I'm doing well. I mean, I'd love to do much more than that, but it is a 28 day month and I'm still kind of a slow writer. However, it's my hope that my outline and character profiles will assist in getting the story written a little quicker than before. Once I reach the 10,000-word mark, I will be announcing the title of the book! I changed the title twice already, so let's hope the one I have now sticks.

If you want to keep up with my progress, I'll be posting occasionally on my social media about it, so be sure to follow me.

Love you all lots! Take care, everybody!

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